Pally tank hit vs expertise

21 Dec

Pally tank hit vs expertise

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Paladin tank caps – prot pallie hit cap Don't reforge into hit or expertise, reforge away from it. Our dps in gear we tank in should be nerfed, while . Cap vs Level 83 mob = 8% Hit = 262. . Avoidance In a initial . 14. and they are important for every tank, warrior, druid, pally . Expertise i need atm im siting around 20 ish and i was all forged for Hit/Expertise till a pally tank . Expertise VS Hit Rating . play with my prot-pally, and I am pretty pro with pally tank . 04. Discover the latest info about prot pally hit cap . 32 Hit Rating (Raid Bosses) Expertise Rating – Best threat stat per point up till 6 . The hit bonus is nice threat, but worthless as a pally tank and expertise is better . 15 dodge, 15 parry, 45 armor . and parry at similiar levels i believe our GM pally tank runs . Hit cap vs Expertise Cap for Prot Pallies EpicAdvicecom . This gives the Pally a bonus of 15 stam 20 parry rating 12 hit rating Tank Racials: Dwarves vs. . 2011 · . Same effect, different names. dod, mast, exp, hit / !block, !parry, !int, !spirit Pally tank . Armor: Mitigation vs. . still trying to maintain as high a hit rating as possible. At least from my reading while researching my new pally tank . JC bonus is worthless at max level. Discover the latest info about pally tank avoidance . Thus 1 expertise = 2 hit rating. Draenei - Forums - World of . *Since I'm tired of reposting the link:* EH vs TTL and Hybrid Tax . Paladin in World of How to Find Your Hit Cap; ehow. be able to tank group as a Prot pally and tank . Tank Wow Cata Hit And Expertise Cap AjilbabCom Portal . com The Best Paladin Tank . for a tank 1 expertise = 2 Hit . Hit top vs Expertise Cap for Prot Pallies, EpicAdvice . Prot Pally-vs- Death Knight ??? . rules for Need vs . So it's 25 mastery vs. . like Defense, Stamina, Strength, Dodge, Parry, hit, Expertise. Pally/War weapons vs Druid/DK . Expertise Cap Cata Pally Pvp AjilbabCom Portal . . str / mast, crit, hit, expertise, haste / !int, !spirit, !dodge, !parry, !block Pally . com . Hit cap vs Expertise Cap for Prot Pallies, EpicAdvice


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