Descargar smart calling para blackberry

10 Nov

Descargar smart calling para blackberry

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    Tenacity, if you'll remember, I said two years ago that this is what it would eventually come down to...There never was any means of peaceful redress...There is no way in hell the criminals in DC are going to straighten up or give up power....It will have to be taken from them by force and I, for one, suggest it be done in harsh terms....There are some people that need to be made examples of.

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    Amen! I pray for justice to be served and the truth of what is going on behind closed doors to be made manifest. The MSM in this country is useless garbage, for the most part; their job is to keep Americans in the dark! People of America wake up to your country's perilous situation. We the people have to call for justice!

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    Good One Jan.

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    Report I received.