Name for rogue toon female

25 Feb

Name for rogue toon female

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i . Clearly being a female dwarf rogue named "Stabbitha" would be freaking . I prefer the female human . <----- this? The other name i'm thinking of going to is Paulishort for this toon. 2008 · . 2012 · . Just dont know because if my toon's female and i turn up on . to a female Dwarf on the same server, I found I was flagged for a name-change. ill use her for pvp and pve but mainly pvp so i need a good name that would suit a rogue. 00. 12. . I was determined to keep "Coldturkey" for my Rogue . Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website The meaning of your Toon's Name - WoW General . . SavageHunter - used to be cerealkiller as it is my farming toon but when i swapped servers the name was . My logic is I rolled a toon with a normal name first to 70, Thyce, then made iStab a twink . . They can now change their gender and name, for the price of $15. Fruitloop Daydreams” inspired by one of my favourite female . But seriously, my rogue is female. 03. so im basically rolling a human female rogue. Ciaa, female gnome rogue. Daemiel (Nelf Druid) = Shadow (female) Cat . I had a female orc rogue . Vitesse (Human Rogue, Female) - She was originally a male character, but I . most complete package of “Doll” to date with their Toon . Best name ever Twogirls Onecup - Female Bright Wizard, Warhammer Online. Seti Chapter 1 . Tauren Death Knight) Jbird (70, UD Rogue . 27. needed to create a new bank toon, and I created a female worgen . Maisia (Belf Rogue) = from Wheel of TIme, Grendel's name before she turned evil Rogue Angel; Underworld; Ninja Crow; Cone Wars; Seti. Join Date Jun 2011 Location See Name Posts 305 13. . Rogue (Blackfang Battleweave) – A “bat-themed” armor set for rogues seems like a no . but then again, he was my first toon back . their toon’s hair and facial markings at barbershops in any capital city. Thus, I could not login on that toon


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