Wiz khalifa have aids

8 Sep

Wiz khalifa have aids

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she also told me that she had aids and she didnt want to pass it out no more!!! also she/he was very angry stating wiz khalifa . 2012 · Does wiz khalifa have AIDS? ChaCha Answer: American Idol 5/18: Scotty sang Amazed (Lonestar), Are You Gonne Kiss Me or Not (Thompson . I heard it everywhere is it true? If not prove these girls wrong and get a HIV test!! 13. . So this nigga does have AIDS then? Does wiz khalifa really have HIV !? #damnthatsucks . What are the top 5 highest paying careers with an associates degree . 06. Does Wiz Khalifa really have AIDS ? Does Wiz Khalifa . Why is wiz khalifas name wiz khalifa? real name: Cameron Jibril Thomaz Wiz: because he was a "wiz" at everything he did, the name stuck Khalifa: Was given by his grandfather . Does Wiz Khalifa have AIDs? Rapper Wiz Khalifa smokes marijuana to ease the pain he suffers due to a mystery medical . Naturally Wiz aids his lady . Wiz Khalifa - "Fame" We've all wondered what exactly this music project from Amber Rose was going to sound like, and here we have her first single, "Fame". 04. Does Wiz Khalifa have AIDs? The KGB Agent answer: There are many rumors circling that Wiz Khalifa have AIDS and passed it to a girl back in 2008. Does Wiz Khalifa really have aids?0_o. . to have sex in the butt and also give it in the butt. 01. It was never confirmed though. . 2011 · Does Wiz K have aids? ChaCha Answer: No, Wiz K does not have aids. Wiz Khalifa is an American rapper based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvani


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