Haste cap shaman resto

24 Dec

Haste cap shaman resto

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. worldofwarcraft. Is there a haste cap for resto/elemental shamans? If yes, what is it? (for both if it varies) I thought there might be a universal haste cap for all spellcasters but I thought . So my i'm learning from my friend how to play this resto shaman. Shamans at about 1260 Hasterating? The Hardcap is then: Softcap (~49%) + 5% from Wrath of Air Totem + 3% from Improved Moonkin . Hi all, is it right that the Softcap for Resto. com - The World of Warcraft Question and Answer Website Resto shaman haste cap 4. Q u o t e: 1269 is the actual haste "soft cap" when your GCD hits 1 second and your LHW . 916 Rating is the cap for Earthliving Weapon including Wrath of Air (5% Haste). This is the number . Updated Dec 12th 2011 for 4. 3 – Want to know . So the old "haste cap" for shaman was 916 which gave one tick on all our hots. Welcome to the Resto Shaman wiki for the Wrath of the Lich King! This reference guide . 5% is worth 916 Rating. com Discover the latest info about haste cap shaman resto and read our other article related to haste cap shaman resto, page 10 at ajilbab. The shaman is a hybrid class and depending on how players choose to customize their character's tale. Thread profile page for "Haste for Resto Shaman" on . "Healing Rain AND Riptide(no glyph) 1 extra tick: 610, [475], (220) 2 extra tick: 3050, [2892 . and he is saying the stat priority after int and spirit is: Haste to cap(900ish) Mastery Crit He never raided . Does Mr Robot take into account the haste breakpoints? I reforged and regemed and reenchanted and it dropped me below 916 haste by 186, which moved me away from the extra tick . xml. 7%). Noblegarden Egg Hunt This Noblegarden, we're hosting a good old-fashioned egg hunt! We have sixty TCG items to give away, including extremely rare TCG mounts and more! Hello, to me, the resto shaman haste cap is wrong. Discover the latest info about haste cap for resto shaman and read our other article related to haste cap for resto shaman, page 10 at ajilbab. You guys claim 12. The soft haste cap for resto shamans is 1269 haste rating (38. com Is there a Resto Shaman haste cap?, EpicAdvice. 2. com/index


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